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As millennials, we’ve all gotten to the point where we realize that life is hard — especially when it comes to money. There’s always a bill or an unplanned expense that usually leaves you tight on cash and scrambling for more. Not to mention random vacations and holidays that weren’t incorporated into your budget.

But when it comes to days like Mother’s Day, you have to go all out for the woman who raised you and probably still in some ways takes care of you. Unfortunately, finances don’t always permit us to get the best of the best, so folks get creative or cheap. As a kid, you could make your mom an arts and craft card and she’d still be happy — but that ish doesn’t fly when you’re her grown adult kid or her partner.

Moral of the story is, don’t be cheap this year, and if you can’t afford something dope, get creative! It’s the thought that counts. Just don’t be like these people who managed to give the worst Mother’s Day gifts in the history of Mother’s Days. Which do you think is worse? Hit the flip and you be the judge.

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