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Can you believe that today marks one whole year that Pusha T dropped his explosive Drake diss track entitled the Story Of Adidon? Who knew that one song could change the way people viewed one of the most successful artists of our generation.

Drake’s career didn’t plummet after SOA like some people assumed it would, but he did have to go back update some tracks on his Scorpion album after Pusha let the world know that Drizzy was “hiding a child”. But before Push dropped SOA, he kicked off the beef with another track aimed at Drake called Infrared from his most acclaimed album Daytona.

Of course the 6 God tried to hit him with the calm, cool diss like he did Meek back in 2015 with Charged Up — but for some reason, his Duppy Freestyle didn’t stick with folks like his previous tracks did.

Not saying that Drake’s Duppy Freestyle was the worst diss track ever, but fans definitely expected ChampagnePapi to slaughter King Push the way he bodied Meek. But you can’t win them all, right?

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