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A Henderson, Nevada couple is going viral on social media after they documented the chaotic scene in which they welcomed their fourth child.

In the clip, you see Michael Anthony Addison driving his wife Rudia to the hospital. She’s in labor and the baby wasn’t finna wait. Michael started out shocked AF, but quickly went into Black King mode and multitasked as his lady gave birth in the passenger seat — with three screaming kids in the back seat, no less.

“I’ve done ALOT of “things” in the front seat of my vehicles😇🤐…But delivering a baby while driving AND with 3 crying kids in the back seat…Can I get a MVP or something!,” he captioned the insane clip, captured by his 10-year-old son Jayden.

Addison told KTNV that it was a “beautiful nightmare” … apparently his wife’s due date wasn’t until June 8. “We were making a pre-baby delivery video to get ready to welcome our baby into the world, for the future. We didn’t expect in to happen within the next four minutes,” Addison explained to the site. “[It was] crazy honestly. I would say I was surprised cause we were just in back seat. I was recording and I guess he forgot I had the phone,” Michael’s son Jayden added.

“After I watched the video [and] I felt like I had to share it with the world. It was exciting to me. It was a beautiful nightmare,” Michael quipped.

Meet their beautiful baby girl, Joliee Lavergne Addison, and watch the viral clip by clicking on the Facebook embed below. Congrats to the beautiful couple and salute to the strength of Mrs. Addison!