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Fans Really Aren’t Buying The Supposed Benefits Of Kylie’s New Skincare Line

Kylie Jenner’s new skincare line, Kylie Skin, has everyone talking–but not all of the chatter surrounding this launch is for the right reason.

It goes without saying that Kylie’s line of makeup is one of the most successful in the industry, but when the youngest KarJenner sister announced that she was coming out with a line of skincare products, people weren’t exactly on board.

It’s a lot like that time her sister Kendall Jenner announced she was the new face of Proactiv–people simply don’t believe that million(or billion)aires use the same products on their faces that us regular folk do. And even if they do use the same face wash, those expensive facials and other treatments are probably doing a lot more for them than the Cetaphil, so it’s probably better not to take their skincare routine to heart.

Following Kylie Skin’s initial backlash–and some additional criticism for releasing a “walnut scrub” that many skincare experts deemed harmful–the biggest slack Jenner has caught regarding this launch is for a video she posted of her washing her face.

As seen in the clip above, not only does Kylie wash her face for a total of 7 seconds, but when she dries it off, a huge streak of foundation is left on the towel–a pretty clear indication that she didn’t do a great job of cleansing her makeup.

This can be seen as one of two things: Either the product doesn’t actually work, or the filming of that video was Kylie’s first time actually using her own product. Both are pretty bad ways to have your company represented.

With the release of this latest video, people all over social media are clowning Kylie for not knowing how to wash her face–and the jokes are absolutely endless. From quips about Kylie washing her face like someone who can afford a new one to her whole skincare launch being a scam, check out the funniest takes on Ms. Jenner’s brand new line and the accompanying promos.

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