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Mariah Carey is the QUEEN of doing the most on Instagram and it’s everything.

Like this woman really is extra…

And we accept it because it’s Mariah Carey.

Very few people can get away with doing the absolute most, considering there’s a thin line between diva behavior and being straight up annoying.

But when you have 30 years in the game, countless #1 singles, vocals from the heavens and a lambily fanbase that adores you, the diva behavior is well earned.

Mariah recently demonstrated her absolute most behavior when she decided to partake in the Bottle Cap Challenge. Instead of trying to kick the cap off a bottle like regular people, she hit one of her signature whistle notes and the bottle somehow magically came off.



But, of course, we live.

Hit the flip for more of Mimi’s extra moments from 2019 so far. We look forward to the rest of the year so that the diva-like behavior can continue!

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