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Hispanic couple with gender reveal balloons

Source: Gary S Chapman / Getty

I can’t lie. I enjoy a cute gender reveal party every now and then, but this… this was too much. In footage circling around on the internet, a Gold Coast driver is seen swerving down a road as blue smoke is released from his tires. From 9News:

“Police have slammed the actions of a Gold Coast driver after a gender reveal took a turn for the worse. A car fitted with special smoking tyres was filmed doing burnouts on a rural road in Norwell, about 25 kilometres north of Surfers Paradise, before bursting into flames. The chaos was captured by a drone and the footage seized by police.”

Watching the footage, it’s easy to pick out all the ways the driver’s stunt could’ve ended badly. Not only is he swerving, the smoke is covering the road, making it impossible to tell if there are any other cars approaching. According to the site, spectators helped the driver get out of his vehicle. The incident reportedly happened last April, but the footage has just been released as a way to warn the public.

“The stunt in April last year caught the attention of police, who charged 29-year-old Samuel Montesalvo with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He was handed a $1000 fine and disqualified from driving for six months,” 9News states. Watch the clip up below.

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