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UPDATE: July 16th 2:00 P.M. EST

In an updated report the young woman and her killer have both been identified by authorities.

From NBC News:

The man, identified as Brandon Clark, 21, faces a second-degree murder charge in the killing of Bianca Devins, 17, said Sgt. Michael Curley of the Utica Police Department. In a brief statement Monday night, Curley said Clark had been arraigned and was in custody at Oneida County Jail in upstate New York. Earlier, the department said in a statement that Clark called 911 Sunday morning and “made incriminating statements” about killing Devins and indicated that he might also harm himself. Police were able to track down Clark’s location by tracing where he was calling from — he was eventually found lying on the ground next to a black SUV on a dead end street in the city of Utica.

Clark reportedly began stabbing himself in the neck as authorities approached him. Clark had to undergo surgery as a result of his self-inflicted injuries…

After injuring himself, Clark laid down on top of a green tarp, and he told police Devins’ body was under it. He then took out his cellphone and began taking selfies while lying atop the woman’s covered body, police said. Once backup officers arrived on the scene, police disarmed Clark and took him into custody. He sustained severe injuries but was expected to survive after undergoing emergency surgery, police said.

The updated report also states that the two had an intimate relationship and were actually on their way back from a concert when they got into an argument.

Police said that Devins, of Utica, and Clark, of nearby Bridgewater, met on Instagram roughly two months ago. Their relationship had turned into a “personally intimate one,” authorities said. On Saturday, the two got into an argument after driving back to Utica from a concert in New York City, police said. The statement didn’t say what the argument was about, but investigators learned that after returning to Utica, Clark stabbed Devins using a large knife “to inflict the injuries that caused her death.”


In a horrifying report that has quickly gone viral, we’ve learned a 17-year-old girl named Bianca (pictured above) was murdered by a man she met on Discord, a chat app for the gaming community. Details vary, but users say the man was upset that she denied his advances and was going out with another guy. Users are also claiming he posted photos of her cut throat (some say, decapitated head) on the app and made his intentions to murder her clear.

An early report by LocalSYR states: “A woman was found dead on Sunday morning along Poe Street, about a half-mile from the start of the Boilermaker 15K start line. When Utica Police got to the scene they found a suicidal man outside an SUV that said he had killed his girlfriend and was going to harm himself with a knife. Police were able to stop him and he was taken to St. Elizabeth’s in Utica in critical condition. A female victim was located dead near the SUV.”

Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong weighed in with what he says happened…

The brother of Bianca’s reported killer is said to have taken to social media with this message…

“Shoutout to all the people who target someone’s family and blame them for a person’s decisions,” he allegedly began. Click here to read his message in its entirety.

We will continue to update this post as new details surface. May Bianca rest in peace.