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Migos In Concert - Atlanta, GA

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

One thing about being a celebrity is that you start to forget that not everyone knows you. Ish is all good until you try to surprise the crowd at your friend’s show and security attacks you, and mistakes you for a fan.

Lil Uzi Vert found that out the hard way when he decided to make an appearance during Gunna’s set at the 2019 Weekend Festival in Finland on Saturday, just days after he canceled his European tour.

In the video clip, you see Uzi make his way on the stage while Gunna was performing and not even one second later, security bum rushed him and attempted to pull him off. Gunna soon realized who the guards were forcibly pulling, and made them get up off the Philly rapper. Judging by the “save me” look on Uzi’s face during the incident, ish would’ve gotten real if things went any further.



Folks on Twitter had a field day with this footage.

Agaggang: uzi looked at gunna the way my dog looks at me when hes hungry lol

VaguelyJohnny: That’s the look of a brother getting in trouble for some shit you know both of y’all did.

Damn, we’ll probably have to wait even longer for new Uzi music, now.