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Kel Mitchell And Kenan Thompson In 'Good Burger'

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When you’re on a budget and trying to wisely decide which movie you’ll spend your precious penny on, Rotten Tomatoes is the place to be.

But if you’re trying to relive classic kids cinema from the ’90s and need someone to share the magic, Rotten Tomatoes is not your site.

Critics practically ripped through celebrated G to PG-rated movies from the ’90s and if you were a kid at the time, you should be righteously outraged. Of course, the Audience Scores for most of these movies tend to be higher, which proves the power will always be with the people.

But it would be cute if the critics shared the love.

Hit the flip for some memorable kids movies from the ’90s that might’ve completely flew over the heads of the too grown movie buffs.

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