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Man, there’s a lot of drama going on and we millennials are happy to say that, for once, we are not the perpetrators. In case you missed it, Nicole Murphy got caught kissing on Antoine Fuqua who, last we heard, was married to throwback baddie Lela Rochon. Nicole has since apologized, but that didn’t stop LisaRaye — another baddie from the ’90s – from calling Nicole out as a homewrecker.

“She messed around with my husband,” Raye told TMZ. “We’ve all done something we regret but when you do it and start being messy enough to do it to family?! I don ‘t know if she’s a homewrecker or not but I know what she’s doing to homes is wrecking it.”

“I’ve been in that situation before—but amongst friends?! I definitely confronted her, she know it. I ain’t got sh*t to say to Nicole,” Raye added.

Sheesh. Elsewhere, Mo’Nique is also the talk of the town after she aired Whoopi Goldberg out for not caring about the next generation of entertainers.

“So when I get Whoopi Goldberg on the flip saying, ‘fu** them little ones coming behind you, you better give a damn about you,’ that crushed me that day in her dressing room because see Whoopi Golderg told me the salary she makes from The View and that hurt my feelings that you’ve been there for ten years and you accept them paying you that and you telling me ‘don’t worry about the little one coming up?,’” Mo’Nique said in THIS CLIP.

Despite the drama, these are some amazing Black women who’ve accomplished a lot for themselves over the years and looked good doing it! So which bad Black auntie are you? Take our quiz below to find out.