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Euphoria had absolutely everybody trippin’ last night.

As the crew gets ready to attend their school dance, all of the season’s drama culminates into SOME good news, but mostly bad news for Rue Bennett and her friends. Last we left off, Fez’s home was getting raided by the cops after Nate Jacobs ratted him out as a drug dealer — but, surprise, Fez isn’t locked up. When the cops were banging on his door at the end of last week’s episode, Fez and his little brother were busy flushing their product down the toilet, so apparently, the police didn’t find anything. But, as we all saw last night, Fez’s near miss with 5-0 didn’t mean sh*t was all sunshine and rainbows. He owed his supplier a lot of cash for that product he flushed and he robbed a man to get it. We’re thinking Nate is definitely going to have to answer to Fez next season.

Speaking of which, Jules seems to have finally told Rue that Nate has been blackmailing her and at the dance Rue lets Nate know she will ruin his life if he doesn’t leave Jules alone. Remember Nate’s dad had sex with Jules, who is underage, so there’s that — but honestly, Nate doesn’t seem bothered by Rue’s threat to dismantle his family. He and his girlfriend Maddie have been having arguments and intimacy issues (after she told the school about his phone full of d*ck pics) and he seems more caught up with that. There’s also an intense (possibly award-winning) flashback of a fight he had with his father, who he dropped the “f” bomb on.

After making fun of Nate’s inability to get it up, Maddie also got her hands on a DVD he was hiding and later on in the episode, she looks absolutely shocked to be watching whatever’s on it.

As we all know Cassie found out she’s pregnant with her boyfriend Chris’ kid and told her mom, who in this episode accompanies her to get an abortion. Chris is nowhere to be found.

Later, when everyone is at the dance, Kat finally opens up to the guy she likes, Ethan, and guess what? He likes her too, of course.

Kat fans were excited about them getting together, but there is another interesting theory floating around. Remember when Kat Skyped with a guy who wouldn’t let her see his face and requested that she remove all her clothes? Well…


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But here’s the Euphoria theory that has everyone going berserk. Throughout the episode, we continuously revisit a scene in which Rue’s mom has been speaking at one of her daughter’s substance abuse meetings, wishing there was a narrator who could’ve told her all the things her daughter would be so that she would be better prepared as a parent. Rue appeared to be sitting in the audience listening to her mom speak, but by the end of the episode (after weird vibes with Jules), she relapses. Now everyone’s wondering if she died (or has been dead or in a coma this entire time), and is actually recalling what happened.

The possibility that she’s telling this story from beyond the grave has everyone trippin’.

Could it be?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see… but it’s certainly not out of the question.

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