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Most people have sort of a love/hate relationship with  money. When you got it, you love it. When you don’t, you tend to hate it.

The entire concept of money is pretty complex, right? It started out as a simple means of exchange for goods — but then capitalism was born, an ish just got out of hand. Money is good for many things. It helps you purchase experiences, acquire assets, even buys you a little time, sometimes. But it is also said to be the leading cause of divorce, tarnished friendships and depression for some.

Today is National Dollar Day, so we gathered together some little known facts about the dollar bill that you probably didn’t know, or low-key glad you didn’t.

The Dollar Bill Doesn’t Last That Long

According to the Federal Reserve, a dollar falls out of circulation on average about every 5.8 years.

The Dollar Bill (And Most Paper Money) Have Disgusting Things Living On It

Over the years, various studies have found such treats as E. coli, MRSA superbugs, flu virus, various types of fungi, diphtheria, anthrax, cocaine, and heroin.

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