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Wendy Williams Mamarazzi Event

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Wendy Williams is hot on the market after separating from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, who reportedly had an affair and a kid with another woman. With Wendy living the single life, she’s keeping an eye out for a new boo and to no surprise….

Wendy got demands.

Ms. Williams went on Sway in the Morning with very specific ideas about dating. Some of her thoughts made sense while others caused quite a stir amongst millennials in the Global Grind office.


At 55, Williams is definitely old enough to know what she wants, but when it comes to gender roles or something as simple as men being circumcised, she contrasted with some of the youngins. Global Grind writers who date men gathered online to debate Wendy’s questionable views.

Peep what Kiyonna (anthonykiyonna), Sukii (sukii), and Royce (rdunmore13) had to say below, then hit the flip for more reactions to Wendy’s strong views (including her demand for a circumcised peen).

On guys opening the door for women

Wendy: “You’ll walk me to my car and you’ll open the door. I won’t even have to say anything. And I’m one of these types of girls, I will stand there and wait.” 


rdunmore13: I don’t need any of that.

anthonykiyonna: I prefer it it. Shows respect.

sukii: It’s nice. I honestly don’t encounter men who don’t hold doors open…so I never feel the need to announce that as a requirement. It sort of just happens lol.

rdunmore13: Truuuu.

anthonykiyonna: Lol yup I agree

sukii: Sometimes I hold the door for them, just to trip ’em up. The reactions are hilarious. Men will almost refuse to walk through the door. Try it sometimes.

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