On types of men

Wendy: “I like a bossy guy…I like a man to be a man.” 


anthonykiyonna: I don’t know what it means anymore for a man to be a man.

sukii: Didn’t her ex boss her around so much she let him have a mistress on the side? I don’t need that energy. If a man being a man means respecting me when I speak as well, then yes be a man.

anthonykiyonna: I think we’re living in a different time and phrases like that don’t apply to today.

sukii: Right.

rdunmore13: Wendy is soooo gender roles. Like this isn’t new for her.

sukii: She is. It’s annoying. She’s annoying. Not a fan.

rdunmore13: She be giving advice on Ask Wendy and I’m like *side eye.*

anthonykiyonna: Lmaooo me too. I’ve literally said to the tv once “girllll. Don’t listen to Wendy.”

rdunmore13: RIGHT. But I also understand there’s women out there that like “traditional men.”

sukii: Being traditional is a thing… but Wendy makes it seem like you’re less of a man if you aren’t bossy or macho and that’s not cool to me.

rdunmore13: Yea, I feel you.

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