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A J. Cole-produced documentary has been getting major buzz and finally a trailer has been released for its upcoming T.V. premiere.

The doc Out of Omaha premiered at DocNYC and according to Shadow and Act, it’s described as “an intimate portrait of twin brothers Darcell and Darrell Trotter, two young black men coming of age in the racially and economically-divided Midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska.” 

The movie was filmed over the course of eight years by director Clay Tweel with J. Cole serving as executive producer.

“By intimately portraying the twins’ hopes and struggles – and the love and help they give and get along the way – the film examines how much it takes to overcome disadvantages rooted in historic injustice,” reads the official description.

The movie went on to win the Audience Award at DocNYC. According to All Hip Hop, J. Cole explained in 2018:

Omaha is the story that never gets told. These are the forgotten ones that the world so often overlooks. The story of these two boys-turned-to-men resonated with me in part because I’ve known them my whole life. Not personally, and not literally, but their stories parallel too many of the boys I grew up with, caught between a rock and hard place and bound for pain.”

You can check out the trailer for Out of Omaha below, then you can watch it on Starz when it premieres September 9.