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Allow me to tell you about my experience with Tricia Clarke-Stone. I remember when I first heard about her, we had a big meeting here at GlobalGrind. They framed it as a major announcement. Told us Tricia was joining our company and we shouldn’t blast music, we watch our language and be on our best behavior because we were getting the powerhouse leader who was going to take us to the next level and she was no joke.

She did just that, growing our website to over 85 million unique visitors at our height. As for watching our mouth’s… Well, Tricia would send the toughest dudes leaving her office crying with their tails between their legs. Her vocabulary to win a debate or negotiation is unmatched and she is always dressed to the nines. She has a twin, named Antoinette M Clarke, who is equally well equipped to handle anything. Tricia and Nette are bosses and always have been and you can read about it in their new book titled Double Down. Where they give you the tools to change your life.

“We think it’s such an important time for women to share their stories and our main goal in writing DOUBLE DOWN was to help democratize success for people who look like us. We want to give existing and future boss ladies the tips and tactics that we’ve learned through our journey that worked for us, and will help them double down and achieve success on their own terms,” Tricia explains.

I’ve been honored to work with Tricia at Globalgrind, on my hit show Power Star Live and on several of her projects through her company Narrative. Now she is on her way to being a “best selling author” and it’s just another reason why you need to pick up this book. They are She-Power Twins, and Boss Ladies and in this book, and if anyone is going to tell you how to take your work and life to the next level it’s them.

I’ve watched these two Black women climbed their way to the highest ranks of the media world. Tricia and Antoinette always seem to work magic and pull off the impossible even when the deck is stacked against them, they make their own rules. Double Down is perfect for everyone whether you’re just starting out, or even if you’re a seasoned vet looking to switch things up in your career. Double Down on yourself and build a team of go-getters who will double down on you as well.

The book will give you 8 principles they’ve learned through their personal stories as well as a few women they admire like, Ayesha Curry, Carly Cushnie, and Anne Wojcicki to name a few. So check it out it is aimed to show you there are many paths to success. Double Down is out now.