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Tyrese is fully aware his lips stay ashy like a powdered donut. In this rapid-fire question and answer video that I was able to secure for GlobalGrind, The Sweet Lady singer and his Black And Blue co-star, Academy Award Nominee Naomie Harris sit down together to tackle some fun questions.

The pair talk about who is the biggest badass, what they love about New Orleans and more. But the question that made me laugh was when they were asked who takes the longest to get ready. They both answered Mike Coulter. Naomie says it’s “Because he has all of that beard that would have to be combed.” Tyrese chimes in saying, “it definitely wasn’t us. We were in and out of the trailer. My lips were chapped the WHOLE movie.”

“Black and Blue” is slated to hit theaters on October 25th and it follows a New Orleans police officer played by Naomie Harris who finds herself in a fight for survival as she races against the clock to retrieve the bodycam footage she recorded of a drug dealer’s murder by corrupt officers. She teams up with the only person she can trust, which is played by Tyrese, and then they’re relentlessly hunted by police desperate to destroy the incriminating footage and drug dealers out for revenge.

We’re excited to catch this one in theaters next month.

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