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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have always been a huge deal within the Black community. If you chose to attend one, you probably still haven’t created any memories that would compare to your time there. And if you didn’t attend one, you may feel that you missed out on a dope, cultural experience. And yes my friend, you have.

Throughout history, HBCUs have been treated like a second option. Or like a step sister to Ivy league Universities. Prestigious Black institutes have to do double the work, have double the graduates and a stellar reputation to even be considered as being on the same level as a Predominantly White Institution (PWI).

We still have a long way to go when it comes to showing our schools the respect they deserve and repping them properly. That’s why moments like Beyonce’s Beychella performance are such a huge deal. Beyoncè unofficially officially made it National HBCU year in 2019. Her groundbreaking performance at Coachella the year before was already powerful, but the Queen had the nerve to bless us with the Netflix film Homecoming, which further highlights the beauty, boldness and Blackness of an HBCU.

Bey may be bringing the energy and excitement of the HBCU experience to a new generation a folks, but stars in the 90’s been reppin’ hard. Some films back in the day even went as far as to make up their own Universities to mimic the real ones.

Either way, seeing our people on television representing our schools and promoting education will always be cool. And we should all be proud. Hit the flip for all the times HBCUs were represented on TV.

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