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Source: iOne Digital / iOne Digital/Creative Class

Name: Zoie Fenty (GotDamnZo)

Occupation: Content Creator

Location: Atlanta, GA

How We Know Him: His stellar comedic writing and timing have become a mainstay on social media.

Why We Chose Him: Over the last year Zoie’s reach has expanded tremendously, with gigs on MTV and a thriving YouTube channel.

What’s Next: The comedian is focused on honing his craft—and earning even bigger laughs.

IG: @iamzoie

Zoie Fenty is the 28-year-old internet sensation making us laugh out loud on the daily. The ATL native is best known for his great commentary on pop culture moments, events or unusual videos — but Zoie gets the most cackles from a schtick he’s mastered, creating “Facetime” videos that make it seem like he’s in a real-life conversation with someone (always a stranger) doing something ridiculous. Clearly Zoie has the magic touch, because all of his videos make it to viral status; especially when they feature a child.

A former Starbucks employee — despite his mother’s pleas for him to move up in the company — Zoie knew flipping coffee wasn’t for him. As a result, he kicked off his social media career by turning unforgettable moments at his day job into skits and posting them on Vine. The viral comedian quickly realized that he was on to something big. As his recognition grew, Z launched his now popular YouTube channel and began making a living solely by being “himself”. It worked.

“I was working at Starbucks, and I was there for like 6/7 years, and when I realized my Youtube check was more than my paycheck, that’s when I was like Ok, this is a job too. That’s when I realized that I had something and I can brand it to be what it is today.”

As far as the details behind his dope, creative process, Zoie told us:

“Most of my stuff is improv. But when I do look at other videos, I’m like ‘What can I say here to add to this video’? I edit all my own stuff. I try to make sure that when I’m inserting myself, the scenery’s the same. I guess you can call me like a little film producer/ writer.”

But the call from Wild N’ Out was what really changed the game for the up and coming comedian.

“I was sitting at home and I remember Nick Cannon had said, ‘Who wants to be on Wild N’ Out? You think you got it? You think you’re funny.  Email us and send us an audition tape. I was like ‘I’m not about to send no audition tape.’ 

Even Will Smith has noticed Zoie’s unique ability to make folks laugh. The Fresh Prince gave the young comic a shoutout on Instagram, saying:

@iamzoie, you are Hilarious!! I’ve been cryin’ watchin’ your videos forever. Keep Shinin’!



At this rate, we see many, many television and film roles in Zoie’s near future. Talk about laughing all the way to the bank.

What’s your favorite Zoie video, friend?

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