JaQuel Knight

Source: iOne Digital / iOne Digital/Creative Class

Name: JaQuel Knight

Occupation: Choreographer

Location: Los Angeles

How We Know Him: Beyonce’s hit track, “Single Ladies”, wasn’t just a moment for girls around the world, it was JaQuel’s. The dance routine was his first of many wins for the choreographer.

Why We Chose Him: His fancy footwork tends create dope viral moments.

What’s Next: The A-List choreographer is helping others hit their mark. He’s building a competitive entertainment agency for creatives and travels the world hosting training intensives.

IG: @jaquelknight

At just 14 years old, JaQuel Knight fell in love with dance. Five years later, he choreographed Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” routine, which would become one of the worldwide superstar’s most recognized arrangements. A staggering feat in and of itself, he didn’t stop there, taking L.A. by storm while going on to choreograph for a never-ending list of A-list clients. JaQuel is a rare mash-up of undeniable talent-meets-relentless hard work. And, though he already boasts innumerable accomplishments, the award-winning dancer’s persevering spirit tells us he’s only just begun to peak.

For JaQuel, it’s all about inspiring the next generation. “It’s a dream come true,” he told Billboard last year of his success. “I always imagined what it would feel like to be the creator of something that kids in the ‘hood, kids in the country, kids in third world countries would be watching to learn. So to think, ‘Wow, this is really my stuff and the world is doing this,’ I’m still in disbelief with most of the things. I have yet to clock in and really take the time to reflect and know what’s happening. I still feel like I’m dreaming.”

He also had some advice for any aspiring choreographers…

“When you’re coming up you have to want it. Dream it. See it constantly. Keeping your fire and passion boiling because there’s always someone right behind you working just as hard,” he said, adding “A good idea means nothing without activation and execution. Write it down. Make it plan and get to work.”

Paying it forward is how we’re all going to win and JaQuel couldn’t be a better representation of this.

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