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It seems like every other week, we were asking “when’s J.T. coming home?” and now our prayers have finally been answered. The other half to rap duo City Girls has finally been released from prison, after being locked up on credit card fraud charges.

While she was doing her time, Yung Miami held it down on the music front — even after finding out she was expecting. Now, the two are back together and J.T.’s first offering, released just moments ago, addresses the media, lets everybody know she’s got Miami’s back, and proves her lyrical skill all in one setting.

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“I been a real b*tch way before the Fed case/Yung Miami held me down, that’s a b*tch ace/And if a b*tch try her that’s a cold case/Get yo *ss snatched up like my new waist” she raps. And she does NOT stop there. Tune into the track up top and let us know what you think about J.T.’s official return.

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