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The Internet had a field day on Monday after Keke Wyatt announced that she was expecting her 10th child. Yes, like 9+1.

The  “My First Love” singer has always been known for her brolic brood, and as soon as her new baby boy or girl arrives, she’ll have enough kids to have a little football team roster.


Of course, people had lots to say about Keke’s 10th pregnancy.

And while some people will never get it:

Real people do:

But things haven’t always been this joyful for Keke and her brood. Just last year, the singer went through a very public divorce at the same time she was 8 months pregnant with her 9th child, and her other baby boy was fighting cancer. In an emotional video from 2018, the “R&B Divas” star lashed out:

“You want to know something, America? When you 8 months pregnant and you got a child sick, in and out of the hospital, and your husband got the nerve to tell you that he wants a divorce. Because… he says that you’re an emotional wreck. He says that from the very beginning you never trusted me and all that kind of stuff.”

What a difference a year can make, because now Keke is married to Zachariah Daring and expecting a brand new healthy baby. Won’t he do it?

10 does sound like a lot of kids, but hit the flip for more celebs with a starting five of their own.

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