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After giving birth to her second son, Queen Naija has been bodying the mommy-music grind. When she’s not performing, she’s heavy in the studio — but she always makes time for her kids and the love of her life, Clarence White, in addition to keeping their hilarious Youtube channel poppin’.

We love to see it.

Most recently, the up-and-coming singer has been teasing the release of a new song “Good Morning Text” and today it’s available without further ado. On the song, she talks about the energy between her and her lover changing.

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“I used to lay in your bed while you used to play in my hair, yeah. We were the best of friends, I’m second guessing this, now I just question myself, yeah,” she sings on the mid-tempo track. If you’re a fan of Queen’s already, you’re familiar with her vibe — and this latest offering is classic Queen. Check it out just below and let us know if you’re feeling it.

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