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Who knew back in 2006 when Flavor of Love made its premiere on Vh1 that it would become a reality T.V. phenomenon? More importantly, who knew that 20 vibrant, beautiful women would be getting in spit fights over an over-40 man who doesn’t look like Idris Elba?

Yet, here we are.

The legacy of Flavor of Love seems to be continuing due to reports that Dennis Graham, a.k.a. Drake‘s dad, is gearing up for his own dating show. According to TMZ, sources close to Dennis say he’s shopping around his idea to networks and at least two of them are already interested. Graham is reportedly backed by reality TV guru David Weintraub and so far, there’s interest from Vice and WE tv, according to sources. Graham’s expected to sign on the dotted line this week.

That’s right. Women might possibly line up to find true love with Drake’s dad. The show will reportedly give viewers a glimpse into his extravagant life of luxury, clubbing, driving expensive cars and, of course, possibly hanging around the Champagne Papi himself Drake.

The show will probably be filled with materialism, shallow examples of love and women who are exclusively NOT in Mr. Graham’s age range (p.s. the man notoriously keeps his age private according to TMZ…which makes things even worse). The show will probably be laced with catty fights, cringe-worthy “physical” scenes, and one too many colorful suits.

The only question left is….

What time does it come on?

Don’t act like this isn’t going to be pure entertainment.