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Knives Out, a murder mystery movie from Star Wars director Rian Johnson, hits theaters tomorrow and it’s a fun ride the whole family can enjoy. The movie has an all-star cast of talent, 007 actor Daniel Craig as the charismatic southern sleuth, Benoit Blanc, Captain America actor, Chris Evans as Ranson Ransom Drysdale, and his parents are played by Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis and Miami Vice’s Don Johnson who play Linda and Richard Drysdale. Add in Jaeden Martell, Michael Shannon and Katherine Langford and you have a perfect mix of old and new superstars. The highlight and the glue of this film, however, is Marta, played by the talented Ana De Armas. Marta is the caretaker to the deceased and the only person to be trusted in this movie, as we watch trying to figure out exactly WHO DONE IT.

I sat down with this stellar cast to discuss this hilarious film and we even played a little Hip Hop Who Done It of our own. I gave the cast 3 clues about a rapper and had them decipher whose the rapper that did those things. It all leads up to a very funny moment on this episode of Extra Butter.