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Megan Thee Stallion is nothing short of a talented, eclectic mega star on the rise! Her bars are fire. Her style is crazy. And the hair…it’s just next level.

When it comes to the hair game, Meg may be on another level than a lot of her peers. It’s like, she can rock any color, texture or style and make it look flawless AF. One Twitter user wrote: “i was just daydreaming earlier today abt what megan thee stallion would with short hair and now look omg,,,,,megan if you’re reading this thank you and i am free to hang out any time.”

The girls are inspired by Megan’s flexible wig game. But don’t sleep! Her natural hair is just as flawless and goals giving.

For Black women, our hair is our crown. It’s an extension of our personality and mood at any particular point in time. And for Megan, we have her hairstylist and frieeeeeen Jonathan to thank for her gorgeous hair moments.


In honor of the hot girl turning 25 today, let’s take a look back at some of her bestest hair moments that made us drool.

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