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The standard of beauty in America has always been one that is against Black women. Our features are deemed too big and our hair is considered too kinky — unless a woman of another race does it. And out Black, female celebrities catch it the worst.

Take Ari Lennox for example. The sultry soul queen is a such a blessing to the music industry, Black women and the world as a whole. Not only is she beautiful, talented and funny — she’s woke AF and doesn’t have an issue speaking out about injustices.

The power of her awareness and sensitivity also makes her susceptible to ignorant people’s opinions. Back in January, the Shea Butter queen took to social media to vent about a nasty tweet that was making its rounds on social media. And as painful as it is to watch, Ari was 100 percent factual in her statements.

And even when she’s feeling down, unhappy and not with the ish, Ari still manages to serve good, ol fashion, Black beauty. 

Even fine a** celebs like Lakeith Stanfield have taken notice. Earlier this week, the Photograph star joined in on Ari’s Instagram Live and asked her out on a date. And chillleee, her reaction was priceless.

Ari Lennox is the truth and should be protected at all costs. Check out some of the birthday girl’s most shea butter infused flicks.








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