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Venus and Serena Williams joined Naomi Campbell for an episode of No Filter.

“Today for me is historic. I loved these two ladies since… the first time I set my eyes on them and I know you all have too,” Naomi begins, adding “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the two living legends — the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena Williams.”

During their conversation, Naomi asked Serena about her friend Meghan Markle moving back to the United States with husband Prince Harry… tune in for Serena’s response to that and much, much more up top.

Like Drake, Tom Brady, and other celebs, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have joined the All-In challenge. The challenge asks folks to donate to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic — and those who donate are entered to win an insane fan experience with one of the biggest celebs in the world. Watch the fellas announce their fan experience up top, plus the official description below. Click here to enter.

“When you hear the names Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, you may think of Deadpool and Wolverine. Or comedy and musicals. What very few people know, however, is that they have a decade-long blood feud that will almost certainly end in a horrible tragedy. This feud has festered through Twitter posts, Instagram videos and even in Ryan’s Deadpool movies, mostly because Hugh refuses to play Wolverine again. Now, at long last, these two arch-nemeses are calling a cease-fire and putting aside their differences for a full 24 hours to help children make a difference. Armed with a fresh copy of “Running a Lemonade Stand for Dummies,” Ryan and Hugh will come to your home and help your children set up and run a semi-successful lemonade stand for two hours, with all proceeds going to help first responders.” 

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