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Too Hot To Handle, Netflix

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Hopefully, by now you’ve binged the Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” where contestants are challenged to subvert their lust for a chance at $100,000.

Although there were some hiccups along the way, many of the contestants came out of the process as better people, and some contestants were even able to make meaningful connections. Two couples in particular — Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul along with Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey — seemed like they were in it for the long run.

Well now, New York Post has gotten the scoop on how the couples are doing now that the cameras are turned off and the realities of self-quarantining have hit the world. Find out how Sharron and Rhonda are doing below, then hit the flip to check out the details behind Francesca and Harry.

Too Hot To Handle, Netflix

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Rhonda and Sharron are no longer in a relationship, however they are still in touch.

“After the show, Rhonda and I stayed in contact for a few months, and then for a bit, I got caught up with work,” Sharron told The Post. “We kind of lost contact for a bit.”

“A few months ago, we got back talking again. We were communicating frequently,” he explained. “We were making plans to come visit each other, but then the coronavirus happened.”

Rhonda, who resides in Atlanta, revealed on the show that she has a son. Sharron, who is a New Jersey-based wrestling coach and personal trainer, seemed to take the news pretty well.

“Once this is done, we hope to visit and continue to build our relationship,” Sharron said, referring to the many stay-at-home orders that resulted from the coronavirus.

“She invested so much in me, I owe her that much in return, to stay down and work through any issues,” he continued. “This is a chance for me to start manning up and becoming more mature.”

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