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Reese Witherspoon got friend and Big Little Lies castmate Laura Dern to hop on Instagram Live this week.

The ladies talked quarantine, bonded over their teenagers, answered some Big Little Lies questions, and more.

“I’m blessed. I’m blessed that we’re healthy. I’m worried about my mom, like I know you do, and other high-risk family members. I realize I always need a project,” Laura responds when Reese asks how she’s holding up during the pandemic. Later the two confirmed they reenacted a scene from Dynasty for Reese’s birthday, in which Reese played  Krystle Carrington and Laura played Alexis Carrington.

“The most fun thing was we just started watching clips of the two of them like crazy to figure out what we could reenact in our quarantine social distanced world,” Laura explained, adding “And our teenagers were our crew, they were amazing.” “Our teenagers filmed it, did the music, and edited it,” Reese revealed. “Maybe one day, we’ll let people see it.”

Tune into the clip ip top. They start talking Big Little Lies around the 6:50 mark.

After an old clip of Tyra Banks saying her gap was not marketable resurfaced, Dani Evans is explaining the America’s Next Top Model moment.

According to Dani, the tension was kind of fabricated for TV as she had no idea Tyra wanted her gap closed until she walked into judging. “I chose to use my own platform to speak so I have full control over my narrative,” she said on Instagram, adding “Watch until the very end to understand the purpose as to why I took time to even address the matter.”

Tune in for her full explanation on how it all went down.