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Infant boy sitting in highchair during breakfast

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The #FruitSnackChallenge has baby lovers everywhere highly entertained during these uncertain times. Seriously, we can’t stop watching these adorable videos.

In case you haven’t come across the clips on your timeline, the challenge uses candy to test our broke lil’ besties’ patience. Parents place fruit snacks in front of their children, tell them not to touch them until they’re back, then walk away and film what happens when they’re not in the room. The results are really surprising. Some of these kids are so patient and well-behaved. And some are a little more sly than we imagined they’d be at their age — but who can blame them when fruit snacks are involved?

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I was first introduced to the challenge after watching this clip of a young boy who is hilarious AF. You will laugh your behind off as you watch him realize the whole thing is a setup — in real time.

This dad did the challenge with Goldfish and it was just as adorable. Watch until the end for her reaction to her parents coming back.

This one caught the attention of Ava Duvernay. This baby girl is just so sweet, we couldn’t take it. “I Must Don’t Touch.”

And then there were those who couldn’t quite help themselves…

And those parents to cute pups who are very well-behaved.

Keep scrolling for more hilarity and preciousness and let us know which tot best represents your personality as a kid.

“Gang, gang, gang!”

“Daddy’s coming.”


Yep, pretty much.


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