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Insecure season 4

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Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Issa (Issa Rae) have been bickering for most of season 4, so it’s no surprise that in this weekend’s episode of Insecure, their friendship reached its breaking point.

Usually best buds, they haven’t been on the same page at all lately and Molly is getting shadier by the minute. It’s become clear that she’s got some major issues she needs to work on at this point.

As you’ll recall, Issa asked Molly to ask her boyfriend for help with getting an artist to perform at her block party. Shady Molly said she wouldn’t ask because her relationship with Andrew is important to her and she wants to “protect” it. In the newest episode, Lowkey Movin’ On, Issa admits “sh*t has been building up for a while” with her soon-to-be-ex-BFF. So, instead of relying on Molly for the plug, she asks her old bae Nathan, who is best friends and roommates with Andrew, and he came through instead. But Issa getting sh*t done without Molly didn’t make Molly happy either. Molly really showed her ass.

When she found out Andrew helped Issa get Vince Staples for the block party, her response was “But you know we’re not cool right now,” to which he responded “Yea, but I didn’t think that you’d be mad that I helped your best friend. What’s the issue?” Questions that really need answers.

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When Molly confronts Issa, it all comes to a head at the event. “You were willing to let me fail over what? Some random rule that you made up?” Issa asks, adding “Molly, you knew how much this event meant to me. You saw me at We Got Y’all, you saw me struggling, and you decided your new relationship was more important than doing me one little ass favor.”

“N*gga, you stay needing one little ass favor,” Molly responded, also calling Issa a selfish, liar, who uses people (though, not necessarily in that order).

Also in episode 5, Condola suddenly reappears and informs Issa that she and Lawrence broke up, Kelly is hilariously faking a British accent for her new bae, and Nathan shows his face at the block party. See some responses to the viral episode below.