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"A Lowkey Conversation With Issa Rae And Prentice Penny" Moderated By Bevy Smith

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Issa Rae is just as horrified by the Trump family as we are — and she didn’t mince words when saying so during a recent appearance.

In a new HBO comedy, Coastal Elites, Issa will play a philanthropist that runs in the same circles as Ivanka Trump. Since she normally tries to avoid the Trump family, she had to do a ton of research on the socialite and daughter to Donald Trump.

“For me, this is kind of an education because I do tend to try to avoid as much of the Trump family as possible,” the Insecure actress said plainly during the virtual CTAM panel, according to The Wrap. “And Ivanka, in particular, I’ve always found fascinating — but not fascinating enough to listen to.”

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“So it took a lot to research,” she continued, adding “And the more I found out, the more horrified I was. And a lot of that is expressed through the work. But a testament to Paul’s writing. It was just incredible to read and immediately resonated.”

Debuting September 12 at 8 p.m. ET, Coastal Elites is comedy centered around the quarantine. “Coastal Elites spotlights five distinct and impassioned points-of-view across the United States. When the shutdown forces these characters to cope in isolation, they react with frustration, hilarity and introspection,” the HBO synopsis states.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know.

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