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Our timelines are full of fun-loving video clips starring some pretty impressive canines. But, you’ve never met a dog like Bunny, trust us.

Bunny is TikTok’s most famous pup, but we’ve no doubt she’ll soon take over Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media apps. As smart as Bunny is, Total Timeline Domination seems to be the only path forward.

So, who is Bunny, why is everyone so obsessed with her, and does she actually “talk?” Below is a quick introduction courtesy of her “mom” Alexis Devine. Alexis welcomed Bunny into her home at 8 weeks old, at which point she immediately started working on being able to communicate with her pup by way of buttons that help Bunny express her needs and thoughts. Bunny’s first “word” was “outside.”

In teaching Bunny to communicate using the buttons, Alexis stresses how important it’s been to say the words out loud and model them with a reinforced activity.

Bunny continues to amaze everyday, which is clear since she’s got over 5.2 million followers on TikTok… get to know her a little more below.

She’s a pretty savvy negotiator, for one. Here, she convinces her mom to take her out on a walk:

She lets you know when she’s concerned and what she’s concerned about.

She notices when her mom is gone and makes sure everything is OK.

She keeps a close eye on her dad, too.

And she’s got major FOMO whenever he isn’t around.

She doesn’t kid about her bedtime and neither do we. *Adulting is tough.*

She’s aware she’s rare.

And, like us, Bunny hates to be ignored.

Her friends are the highlight of her day!

She’s even sorting out the concept of time.

For those who might be skeptical, Alexis hears you…

Be sure to follow Bunny on Instagram here and stay tuned for her next miraculous feat!

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