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Along with shows like “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”, “Moesha,” and “In Living Color,” “Saved By The Bell” was one of our favorite shows of the late 80’s and 90’s. This year the classic series got a reboot — and we were apprehensively excited, especially after learning our fave Lark Voorhies, wouldn’t be a series regular. But the “Saved By The Bell” reboot launched on Peacock this week and we absolutely loved it. The show is even more diverse than the original ( there’s even a transgender lead) and approaches serious topics like race and sexuality with sensitivity.

Check out the trailer below, then keep reading for 10 Reasons Why We Couldn’t Stop Binge-Watching…

This show maintains a lot of the silly, goofiness of the original while adding a healthy dose of 2020 cool!

1. Daisy and Aisha bring the perfect double dose of around the way girl realness — without dipping into overdone stereotypes!

2. Most of the old gang is back and better than ever

Saved by the Bell

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No there isn’t quite as much Lark Voorhies as we’d hoped. BUT we’re crossing our fingers that changes in Season 2. Yes, we want more episodes. Please Peacock give us more episodes.

There is a healthy helping of both Slater and Jessie, a respectable number of appearances from Zack and Kelly and a sprinkle of Lisa. Sorry to the Dustin Diamond fans.

3. #Jaisha are our new favorite TV couple… Spoiler alert.

Jamie is Jessie’s kid and Aisha is the new girl who gains almost instant popularity. It helps that they’re both gorgeous, likable and completely flawed. You’ll find out why when you watch.

We’re dangerously close to turning into an Aisha fan site ourselves over here, but we’d be remiss not to mention

4. Aisha tackles gender stereotypes head on… Yes there’s a young lady on Bayside’s football team. And yes she is the star player on the team.

Saved by the Bell - Season 1

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5. Since we’re talking about gender roles, we gotta talk about how Dexter Darden’s character Devante totally flips societal stereotypes about young black men. His character shows growth throughout the first season, going from quiet, troubled teen to a talented high school theater star who helps his grandmother out and helps his friends, privileged and otherwise, see the error of their own ways.

Saved By The Bell - Season Pilot

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6. Josie Totah flawlessly makes history.

The introduction of Lexi as Bayside’s Queen Bee is written in such a way that the fact she is transgender just might miss some people completely, particularly at first.

“Lexi is this mean, fun, aspirational, fantastical character that also happens to be transgender — but it [isn’t] everything about her,” Josie Totah, who is also trans told Teen Vogue.

Totah fought for a producer credit to make sure Lexi’s story was told right — and we’re glad she did because the result is that you feel compassion for her experience without it being heavy handed.

7. Mario Lopez pulls out his old dance moves.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

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If you thought we’d miss an opportunity to post a photo of Slater in tights, you thought wrong. Once a dancer, always a dancer, and Mario Lopez busts more than a few moves in the reboot.

Saved By The Bell - Season Pilot

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8. Bayside High’s fearless leader is definitely Daisy. Without a doubt, she’s definitely at the head of the class — but her ambition and her sharp tongue put her at odds with her peers more than a few times this season. We love her ambition and drive and when she goes too hard it definitely makes for great TV.

9. Matthew Cherry directed an episode. All of “Saved By The Bell’s” writers and directors deserve their flowers, but y’all know how we feel about Matthew Cherry right?

10. “Saved By The Bell” has their very own Karen — and she’s villainous AF.

A.P. Bio - Season 1

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Allow us to introduce you to Jade Huntington-Snell. She’s a beyotch and you’ll love to hate her.

Seriously, go stream “Saved By The Bell” on Peacock now. It’s more than alright.

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