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Lil Baby Protesting With The People

Source: GottaKeepIt3 / Radio One Digital

Lil Baby celebrates his 26th birthday today and the Atlanta rapper has had quite a successful year. He was recently nominated for two Grammys for his Billboard top-charting single, “The Bigger Picture,” for Best Rap Song and Rap Performance. Some would argue he should have been nominated for Album of the Year and Best New Artist as well. Snubbed or not, Lil Baby has proven to be a force in the rap game but what excites us most is his willingness to use his platform for the greater good of his community.

Most recently, taking this question to Twitter after racking up $1.5 million from his 2x Grammy nominated song “Bigger Picture.”

The multi-platinum artist is a true philanthropist who redistributes wealth back into his hometown of Atlanta in ways that directly impact generations to come. Lil Baby, often flaunting his latest drip, gives back just as much as he spends on himself and his crew of family and friends.

In Reebok’s Alter The Icons campaign, Lil Baby spoke about why being a role model for his community is important to him.

“Being from the hood gets glorified, like ‘I’m from the hood’ but it’s not an option. It just is what it is,” he says to Reebok. “But instead of glorifying it, I’m trying to help and I’m going to try to make sure I put on the best facade I can, if it has to be a facade or whatever, to teach them to do the right thing.”

Lil Baby actually never intended on becoming a rapper, so it’s a beautiful sight to witness his ascendance. He recognizes he didn’t have the easiest upbringing growing up in Southwest Atlanta. After overcoming a bit of trouble in his late teens and early twenties, he uses music as an outlet to express himself. The music opened up many possibilities for the young rapper and quickly his career fully bloomed. Now, Lil Baby uses his platform to speak to a younger generation influencing the culture in limitless ways beyond his his music or style.

Earlier this year, Lil Baby awarded his former Atlanta high school, Booker T. Washington High School, with a $150,000 scholarship. He gives back in a major way. In partnership with Amazon’s Rap Rotation, Lil Baby gave the students a live performance and shocked both staff and students when he awarded the school with the hefty scholarship.

Truly, a humanitarian and an altruistic artist who shares with Amazon Music the significance of giving back and his aims to inspire with the scholarship. He tells the music platform, “when their time comes, it’s going to be their time—it’s my turn to get a scholarship, my turn to go to college, my turn to be a new leader of the world.”

There are many admirable things to be said about Lil Baby’s service to the rap game, his close family and friends and his jeweler’s pockets, but his greatest service is to the generations to come. The impact he is making on the world is far more than most people his age can take credit for. A young public servant sharing the fruits of his labor so that younger generations can focus on living life passionately and free from worry and stress.

Happy Birthday, Lil Baby! Your community thanks you and your continuous philanthropic contributions.