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Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

This resourceful woman designed an entire apartment in Los Angeles’s infamous homeless community of Skid Row and you won’t believe your eyes.

TikTok user Jay News (@the_shaderoom_) documented fashion designer, Stephanie Williams’ modern tent decked out with hard wood flooring, a bamboo mattress atop a mocha bed frame and a Christmas tree with an assortment of gifts underneath. Her tent is fully furnished and it’s designed better than most local residents’ apartments where they’re paying upward $2000 a month to live in a studio in downtown Los Angeles.

“People think it’s [Skid Row] infested, but you can really build a nice, sustainable home. This look better than half of my homies houses,” Jay News exclaims in his TikTok video touring her Skid Row tented home.

Though we don’t have the designer’s information, Stephanie has been providing these modern-designed tents in a variety of sizes to many other people in the community. She mentions in part two of this TikTok video that she has a range of sizes from her White House tent showcased in the first video to the smaller tents which she conveniently turned into a walk-in closet for herself. There’s even a pink tent that will certainly grab anyone’s attention. Other TikTok users left comments that they had seen this woman before because she even had an inflatable pool in her “backyard” during the summer months.

Imagine living luxuriously like this without having to worry about paying rent or affording a mortgage in one the world’s most expensive cities. She goes on to speak about designing and creating a patent for interchangeable shoes with menswear clothing and shoe brand Stacy Adams. It appears that this fashion designer is able to focus on passion over survival and she is thriving because of it while supporting her community.

So before you rush to place home ownership on your 2021 New Year’s resolutions and goals list, consider this young woman who has skillfully created a home for herself that literally lives rent free in our heads. Not suggesting you run and break your lease or sell your home and start a new life on Skid Row, but it is important to note what a life of simplicity and minimalism can afford you. Blessings to this queen who has created a life perfect and comfortable for her in one of the most difficult cities to financially navigate and master in America. Much success and prosperity to the people living on Skid Row who either choose to be there or are forced due to their circumstances or financial hardships. If you know this woman, please comment below as we would love to credit her and her fabulous and innovative home designs.