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Thanks to another President’s Day there is a day dedicated to resting and relaxation. There is something to learn about the significance of President’s Day, because each year it rolls in and people are simply gracious for an extended weekend. However, the holiday we continue to celebrate annually with loads of retailers’ insane deals and President’s Day sales stemmed from recognizing George Washington’s birthday. Originally established in 1885, the holiday later became widely regarded as President’s Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers.

We are happily here for absolutely any reason to kick up our feet and enjoy a longer weekend. At this point, the work week could be transformed to four days, but that’s another topic for another day. Instead, we use this day to learn more about the country’s former presidents with a list of Netflix movies and series based upon presidential candidates, elections, candidacies and elected presidents.

Explore this list that dives into the lives of the very people we recognize today, who sought after the most respected role in the nation. We have included a list of titles along with a tagline to further explain the premise of each project. All of the series and films mentioned are currently available to watch on Netflix.

Happy viewing!

1. Barry

A young Barack Obama forges his identity while dealing with race, divergent cultures and ordinary life as a New York City college student.

2. JFK: The Making of a President

Explore how John F. Kennedy’s worldview was influenced by his younger years, when he endured poor health, family tragedy and a demanding father.

3. Trump: An American Dream

Friends, associates, and critics reveal the truly American story of Donald Trump, the brash businessman who defied the odds to become U.S. President.


The real Mitt Romney is revealed in this documentary that goes beyond the soundbites with unprecedented access to his 2012 presidential campaign.

5. Bobby Kennedy For President

Historic footage and leading voices of an era examine the “Bobby Phenomenon” of the 1960s and the legacy of the man who helped redefine the country.

6. Designated Survivor

America’s fate rests in the hands of a low-level official after an attack on Washington decimates the government in this gripping political thriller.

7. House of Cards

With Frank out of the picture, Claire Underwood steps fully into her own as the first woman president, but faces formidable threats to her legacy.

8. The Politician

Rich kid Payton has always known he’s going to be president. But first he has to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all: high school.

9. Olympus Has Fallen

After a tragic event moves him to a desk job, an ex-Secret Service agent must rescue the president when the White House is attacked.

10. Angel Has Fallen

Secret Service agent Mike Banning is caught in the crossfire when he’s framed for a deadly attack on the president and forced to run for his life.

11. Rampage: President Down

Lone-wolf vigilante Bill Williamson is back, taking aim at the U.S. government and eluding the pursuit of two FBI agents who are on his trail.