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TikTok user, @smilekennedy, shared her Black sitcom inspired outfits in a series of videos, and it’s creating serious nostalgia on the timeline. She paid homage to classic Black television sitcoms like Living Single, The Cosby Show, and A Different World to celebrate Black History.

Kennedy opens the TikTok video with Cardi B’s “Up” single and the text across the screen reads, “What I would wear if I was a character on these Black sitcoms.” She figuratively turns the television to the next channel and introduces outfit number one. It was an ode to one of Vanessa’s classic fits on The Cosby Show, and Kennedy didn’t forget to include an old school rotary house phone.

She has posted a part two since then from more of our favorite Black sitcoms to close out Black History Month. The next video includes classic shows like Good Times, Family Matters, Martin, Sister, Sister, The Parkers and Girlfriends. The assortment of outfits, hairstyles and props adds flare to each setting welcoming a modern twist on these timeless sitcoms.

Social media reacts to Kennedy’s spot on renditions with praise and adoration. Many people complimented her on the accuracy of each depiction. The sound is available on TikTok so users can create their own rendition to Black sitcoms.


Though Black History Month has come to an end, let us continue to elevate Black creators like Kennedy who are bringing awareness to the many Black shows and films that have brought us joy, laughter and great memories. Black History is a part of history, and it should be recognized and celebrated accordingly, not just during the shortest month of the year.

Social media platforms, like TikTok, are spaces for discovery, invention and community. The more we continue normalize Black content and its creators, the less time Black people have to spend explaining why our history is inclusive to all of American history.

Thanks Kennedy for using your platform to highlight the simple things, like Black sitcoms, which bring us pure joy.

Be sure to follow @Smilekennedy on TikTok for more entertaining videos like this.

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