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Award-winning Canadian-American actress, comedian and writer Catherine O’Hara has contributed to film and television for over four decades. O’Hara is best known for her roles in Beetlejuice portraying Delia Deetz, Home Alone as Kevin’s mom, and her most recent role in Schitt’s Creek as the dramatic yet witty Moira Rose. In the span of her extensive career, O’Hara continues to offer her best performance in various genres ranging from comedy to drama.

Catherine O’Hara’s work goes back to 1975 in her first significant television role starring opposite John Candy and Dan Aykroyd in the main cast of the sitcom Coming Up Rosie. The steam picked up for O’Hara the following year when her and Candy began working on the sketch comedy series, Second City Television, where she attracted critical acclaim for both her works as a comedic actress and writer, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writer for a Variety Series in 1981.

Today, the Pisces dream queen celebrates 67 years of life doing what she loves most. O’Hara’s latest role in Schitt’s Creek is one of our favorites, because her character Moira leaves a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates an expansive vernacular, elaborate wigs and drama! Some fans did not recognize O’Hara as the same person to play Kevin McCallister’s mom, Kate McCallister, in the Home Alone franchise. This proves how influential O’Hara is to television and film, and it also brings up an important conversation about her skillful talents as an actress.

We want to pay tribute to her gifts today with O’Hara’s O’Happiest on-screen moments.

1. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a 1988 American fantasy comedy film directed by Tim Burton. O’Hara has worked with Burton several times since her role in Beetlejuice as Delia Deetz. This scene begins the infamous Day-O sing and dance scene that fans of the film enjoy most.

2. Schitt’s Creek

O’Hara received her second career Emmy thanks to her role in Schitt’s Creek. There aren’t enough words to express how thoughtful Catherine O’Hara was with taking on this role, unless you are in fact, Moira Rose. This scene from the show is of the eccentric ex-soap opera star in her natural element in front of the camera, or so we thought.

3. Home Alone


Everyone remembers the classic Home Alone franchise series starring Macaulay Culkin. Catherine O’Hara plays the mom in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. She most recently reenacted the scene from the original film on TikTok, where she screams in terror that she’s missing her son. O’Hara is brilliant!

4. Second City Television

We discovered where the inspiration for O’Hara’s iconic Moira Rose voice stemmed from. In this episode of Second City Television, O’Hara plays a “barbie” role. We aren’t too sure what’s going on in this short clip, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

5. All of O’Hara’s Legendary Roles

IMDb also recognizes the many iconic roles of the acclaimed actress, comedian and writer. This five minute montage of all of Catherine O’Hara’s roles are worth the watch. She has over 5,000 projects and each of them are stellar.

More life and continued success to the two time Emmy award-winning Catherine O’Hara. Happy Birthday!