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Breakout star Taylor Takahashi and Hit The Floor and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom actress, Taylour Paige star in the new Eddie Huang film, Boogie. The two leading stars sit down with Sammy Approved to chat about their on set chemistry, cute nicknames for one another and a few of their skills on and off the court. The pair shared their infectious, down-to-earth energy with Sammy in an exclusive look inside the film before its’ release last Friday (Mar. 5).

We previously shared a brief interview with the creator and director, Huang, who discussed his inspiration and divine timing creating the film amidst the recent xenophobic attacks against Asian Americans. Now, Takahashi, who portrays Boogie, and Paige, who portrays his classmate and lover Eleanor, reveal what it was like working together for the first time, how the film covers New York’s unique culture and each of their talents outside of acting.

After we asked Paige about her dancer-esque jump shot, Takahashi reveals that she couldn’t put the ball down between takes. So much that Paige shot a basket backwards from half court. It’s safe to say her dance moves crossover effortlessly onto the basketball court. We would love to see a real one-on-one match between the two.

Paige disclosed a little known fact about Takahashi. It looks like Takahashi has a few skills in the kitchen, and Paige is still waiting on her co-star to teach her how to cook.

The two stars revel in the ease that was filming alongside one another. Takahashi shares how it was easy working with someone with such a high spirit as Paige’s, “at minimum all I have to do is match that. It’s real. It’s fun.”

The film displays just how natural their chemistry appeared on screen. It felt authentic to what the film aimed to convey.

Paige goes on to share what she loved most about the film toward the end of our interview.

“It’s culture. It’s Brown and Black people. It’s New York, ” she continues, “It’s kids who become our future who therefore inform the world.”

We look forward to seeing these two in more films that tell new, never before seen stories that share authenticity across cultures. Stories that are impactful and hope to bring new light to the film industry. Watch our full interview from the stars of Boogie, and be sure to catch the film in theaters.