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Massage parlor shooting in Atlanta, GA area.

A police officer stands outside a massage parlor where three people were shot and killed on March 16, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: ELIJAH NOUVELAGE / Getty

Eight people are dead after shootings at three massage parlors in the Atlanta area on Tuesday, March 16. Following reports, police have arrested 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, who they believe acted alone in the shooting spree that killed six Asian women, Washington Post states. While this was an obvious hate crime against the Asian community, police reportedly say Long may have had “additional motives.” “He made indicators that he has some issues, potentially sexual addiction, and may have frequented some of these places in the past,” Sheriff’s Capt. Jay Baker reportedly said at a news conference. “We still have a lot of things to process.”

Since news of the shooting spree broke, several celebrities have taken to social media to spread awareness as #StopAsianHate trends online. “The targeting of our Asian brothers and sisters is sickening, but not surprising given the normalizing of anti-Asian hate speech in the past year. We have to #StopAsianHate, enough is enough!,” actress Mindy Kaling wrote.

See Kaling’s tweet and more below.

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We are praying for the Asian community at this time and will continue to keep you updated as more news on these senseless killings becomes available.

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