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The newest HBO documentary gave fans a closer look inside Tina Turner’s emotional climb to stardom in the documentary Tina. The feature aired March 27 on HBO and HBO Max, and people can’t stop talking about the many wild stories revealed in the documentary. Tina has already reached a total audience of 1.1 million viewers across linear and streaming platforms according to Deadline’s sources, and it is the best showing yet by a documentary on HBO Max. The documentary has us reminiscing on Angela Bassett in her memorable role as Tina in the film What’s Love Got to with It. There are a few reasons why the Golden Globe award-winning actress deserves all of her flowers for her role in the classic movie that opened fans eyes to Tina Turner’s tumultuous reality.

When Angela Bassett lost the Academy Award in 1994, many fans thought she was robbed, and Bassett would agree. Bassett appeared on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” in 2018 and made comments about the Oscar loss for her role in What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Here’s three reasons why Angela Bassett should have won the Academy Award for portrayal as Tina Turner:

1. Angela Bassett Prepared for the Role

You could not tell us otherwise. Bassett worked extremely hard to fit the look, style and fierceness of Tina Turner. The film centered around the abusive relationship Tina shared with her husband Ike Turner. Bassett successfully worked through the trauma to tap into the role fully.

To prepare for the role, Bassett rehearsed with audiotapes and a dialect coach. She also had to work out and learn to dance, as she recalls in several interviews her only talent before taking on Tina Turner was acting.  She tells The Oklahoman, “basically, I had 30 days before we started principal photography,” she said. “I worked six, sometimes seven days a week, two, two and a half hours a day.”

2. Bassett Was Indeed Tina Turner

The Black Panther actress is skilled at her craft. Bassett acted her behind off in the film, and there is no denying it. The way she embodied Tina Turner’s lifestyle and the traumatic series of events that take place within the film was certainly Oscar-worthy.

3. Tina Turner Approved

Ms. Tina Turner herself approved of Bassett’s portrayal in the film as soon as she saw her walk into the audition room. The entire crew realized Angela Bassett would be the perfect fit for the role.

If you haven’t seen the HBO documentary everyone’s raving about, check it out now. It gives a more in-depth account of Tina Turner’s journey to the top and it’s worth diving in. Check out the official trailer for Tina below.