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Less than two weeks after celebrating his birthday, Tahj Mowry is back with some great news about the television show that made him a child star. According to Tahj, a Smart Guy reboot is in the works. While dishing about his new movie Welcome Matt, which follows an agoraphobic writer-director, Tahj announced some details about his classic ’90s sitcom.

“There’s been lots of Zoom meetings and talks about this, so we do have the ball rolling on it,” he told ET. “It’s just a matter of time and timing, but we do have the possible home for it. We do have a writer and I feel like I came up with a really fresh take on how we can bring that back with the whole cast and something that is fresh and new — but also something that the diehard fans will still get that nostalgic aspect of it as well.”

He’s hoping the original cast will all be available to reprise their roles. “But we’re not at that stage yet where we’re checking everyone’s schedule. We’re still in the pre-phases, so that will come. But if all goes according to plan, everyone will be in it,” he added.

As far as his own character, T.J. Henderson, Tahj teases “You will find T.J. just as he was in the original, a fish out of water. He was sort of exploring a new world for himself. You’ll find him in that same situation, but somewhere else. So I’ll just say that. You’ll be able to see him, maybe, have a tequila on the rocks.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Smart Guy reboot as new information becomes available.

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