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Whoopi Goldberg is set to voice the lead role in the Apple Original film and Skydance Animation feature Luck. Goldberg is providing the voice for “The Captain,” who is the tough Head of Security for the Land of Good Luck within the animated film.

The story follows the unluckiest girl in the world, who after stumbling upon the never-before-seen world of good and bad luck, must join together with magical creatures to uncover a force more powerful than even luck itself. Goldberg’s character, “The Captain,” is known for her heedful eyes and innate sense of intuition, and her supernatural memory of Luck Security codes. She’s super committed to her job of keeping bad luck out and protecting the lucky pennies at all cost. Goldberg joins previously announced cast member Jane Fonda, who voices “The Dragon” in the film.

Peggy Holmes, who directed The Little Mermaid, The Pirate Fairy and Ariel’s Beginning, will be directed Luck starring the legendary performer and EGOT recipient Whoopi Goldberg. There are several animated experts involved in the movie like writer Kiel Murray, who also wrote for Cars and Cars 3.

Earlier this year, Apple announced a sprawling multi-year partnership with Skydance Animation to deliver cutting-edge, premium animated films and first-ever theatrical-quality animated television series in over 100 countries on Apple TV+. Luck will be joined by the musical feature Spellbound, the TV series The Search for WondLa and the inaugural short film Blush, which will kickstart the partnership with several more feature films and television series to be announced over the term of Apple and Skydance’s agreement. Blush will have its world premiere as part of Tribeca Festival’s animated shorts program, curated by Goldberg, on Sunday, June 13.

Goldberg is keeping busy most recently appearing in the adaptation of Stephen king’s best-selling novel The Stand,streaming as a limited event series on CBS All Access. She will also serve as a recurring role on Amazon’s upcoming series Harlem.