Grounded Co-Founders Danuelle & Mignon Share How Caring For Your Plants Aid In Great Mental Health [Exclusive Interview]

Grounded Co-Founders

Source: Courtesy of Grounded / Grounded

A DC-based online plant shop set out on their biggest mission yet. Grounded hosted their first Earth Week to celebrate the business’ successful two year anniversary last week. We sat down with co-founders Danuelle Doswell and Mignon Hemsley to talk about their journey through entrepreneurship, the significance of staying grounded and how plants have transformed their mental health for the better.

With Mental Health Awareness Month just a few days away, it’s important to highlight people and businesses helping sustain our mental health. Grounded was founded in 2020, a time that was rough for most of the world. The business was created through Doswell and Hemsley’s shared love of plants. It grew as a platform to help their consumers disconnect and decompress through the appreciation of plants in the spaces we occupy.

Their specially crafted selection of plants offers a plethora of benefits designed to elicit a sense of tranquility and mindfulness. From boosting creative energy and concentration to reducing stress and purifying the air, the influence of plants within a given environment has statistically been proven to be advantageous.

Their business has helped restore peace in many homes and offices across the nation.

“Sometimes, when the world around you seems a bit chaotic, the synergy between plants and humans are a natural progression in helping us to remain grounded,” a word from their website.

In our interview, we were able to learn more about how these Black women are creating a space for healing through botany. They pride themselves on not only providing a quality product but educating their consumers on how to care for it and themselves. The two co-founders have diverse creative and professional portfolios, which has aided in their successful two-year business.

Learn more about the founders:

Mignon Hemsley: Washingtonian native and co-founder of Grounded, Mignon Hemsley is best known for her background in graphic design, photography, creative direction, gardening and djing. With emphasis on creating aesthetically pleasing designs and images, she encompasses the bridge between minimalism and informational content. Using her skills learned through gardening she is Mignon is inspired daily by creating powerful imagery and developing a design language that can translate to the masses.

Danuelle Doswell: Danuelle Doswell is the co-founder of Grounded and an Alexandria, Virginia native. Doswell is a multifaceted creative whose background is rooted in the realms of branding, marketing, and public relations helping clients and companies across multiple industries successfully meet and exceed benchmarks through authenticity, ingenious storytelling, innovation, and pervasive research. Not confining herself to no ceilings or any limitations, her life mission is to make an impact and be of service to others and the world around her.

Be sure to support Grounded by purchasing a plant on their website and following their Instagram for more education on how to sustain your mental health while caring for your new plant babies. Watch our exclusive interview with Grounded co-founders Danuelle and Mignon. Congrats, ladies!