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Are you ready for the Adult ‘Hood?

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Two 30-something BFFs from a ’90s kinda world are celebrating the decade that shaped them on their hilariously relatable new podcast ‘The Adult ‘Hood: A Podcast For Geriatric Millennials.’

In 6 nostalgic episodes (produced by Cam P), Alejandro (1983) and Lexi with the Curls (1984) will have honest discussions about dating (at almost 40), navigating the entertainment industry, dealing with late-30s anxieties, and much more.

They’ll also interview ‘90s icons, delve into taboo topics, highlight essential movies/shows to watch, and potentially connect with celebrity crushes like Master P and Countess Vaughn.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia, Lexi is a single Instagram Story maven, wanderlusty influencer, Mercury Retrograde survivor, and Gemini-Cancer cusp who enjoys a good murder mystery, classic ’90s sitcom, and ’90 Day Fiancé’ marathon.

The son of Trick Daddy and Rachel True in another life, Alejandro is a nostalgic lover of pop culture, nerdy women who love trap music, thick aunties who shimmy to Frankie Beverly, and crab legs who once ate lemon pepper hot wings with Andre 3000.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he’s a Publix-loving dreamer who developed his old soul from watching ‘Matlock,’ ‘In The Heat Of The Night,’ and ‘Touched By An Angel’ with his grandma.

“We are so excited to bring ‘The Adult ‘Hood’ to our audiences. Alex and Alexis’ friendship and comedic dynamic adds a special touch to the show, which really hits on so much of what our audience is looking for: comedy, nostalgia and real, unfiltered conversations between friends,” said Allison McGevna, Senior Vice President, Content at iOne Digital.

Check out the first episode (and subscribe!) below:

For more information about ‘The Adult ‘Hood: A Podcast For Geriatric Millennials,’ click here.