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Philly artist OT7 Quanny is back with his latest single produced by Pyro-Z5, and it’s dedicated to an NBA veteran.

OT7 QUANNY "Dame Lillard"

Source: OT7 Quanny / OT7 Quanny

At the moment, Philadelphia is having multiple hip-hop artists quickly gaining momentum and attention on social media. The latest Philly rapper on the brink of breakout stardom is Ot7 Quanny. As Philly becomes the city to watch and the wave grows bigger, Quanny is set to be atop the wave that will eventually reach the masses.

OT7 Quanny’s Latest Single “Dame Lillard” Pays Homage To NBA Veteran Ahead Of The Upcoming Season

Ot7 Quanny’s latest single is the perfect song heading into fall and the beginning of the 2022-2023 NBA seasons. The single “Dame Lillard” is produced by PYRO-Z5 and highlights Quanny’s gift of being able to switch his style while delivering bars. The song is also primed for a massive run on Tik-Tok which will only elevate his visibility. The theme for the track and message is to finish the 4th quarter strong hench the song title. We’re in September with only a few months left to go in 2022 and “Dame Lillard” is the perfect track to push all of us to finish the year strong.

You can listen to “Dame Lillard” below.