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Happy Together

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Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. are set to star in an untitled father-son multi-camera comedy. The comedic duo announced their upcoming sitcom that is two decades in the making. Read more details inside.

In an exclusive to Deadline released yesterday (Oct. 10), the Wayans father-son pairing announced their exciting new sitcom with CBS in an untitled project. The sitcom is co-written by Damon Wayans and Kevin Hench.

The show will be centered on legendary talk radio host and happily divorced “Poppa” (Wayans), who must drag his grown son (Wayans Jr.), who has all his charm and none of his drive, kicking and screaming into adulthood before he turns 40.

We were not expecting him to be dragged into adulthood at 40. Despite the concept, we are excited to see these two finally onscreen together.

This is also Wayans’ return to network comedy after he co-created, executive produced and starred in ABC’s My Wife and Kids, which ran on ABC for five seasons between 2001-2005. My Wife and Kids was a first for his son, Wayans Jr., who made his TV acting debut with a major recurring role. He went on to star in a few single-camera comedies including Happy Endings and New Girl before headlining the CBS multi-camera sitcom Happy Together. 

In Happy Together, fans witnessed the innate chemistry between the Wayans’ father-son duo when Wayans guest starred as Wayans Jr.’s father in an episode titled, “Like Father, Like Son.”

Wayans Jr., who also appeared on his father’s Showtime sketch comedy The Underground, most recently appeared in the films Supercool, Cherry and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. He also wrapped Netflix’s Players recently and is an executive producer on the streamer’s upcoming drama series Glamorous.

As for Wayans, the comedic genius is a four-time Emmy nominee who co-created and starred in the legendary sketch series In Living Color. He most recently starred as Roger Murtaugh on Fox’s Lethal Weapon series and next will be seen starring alongside Pam Grier in Tubi’s noir thriller Cinnamon.

In addition to his lengthy stint as executive producer on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, Hench co-created and executive produced Cristela and Mr. Iglesias. He is currently executive producing Allen’s new Disney+ series The Santa Clauses.