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Over the years, J. Cole has shown us how special of a person and talent he is. Whether it’s his undeniable pen game or his countless charitable causes, the Fayetteville, North Carolina native has proven himself to be a standup guy. This week, he once again displayed the big heart of his that has made him an all-time fan favorite.

Cole released a surprise song called ‘Procrastination (Broke)’ yesterday (January 18). Surprise song or album released aren’t a new thing in music. In fact, they’ve become more and more common in recent times. The big kickers in this situation come when you find out where the song was uploaded and how it came about. The song was uploaded to YouTube by a relatively unknown producer from Brooklyn, New York named Bvtman.

The song’s cover art (which is a screenshot of messages from Cole to Bvtman) tells the whole story. J. Cole was in a bit of a slump, struggling to find inspiration. He did what anyone else would do in his situation…he looked up type beats! Specifically, he typed in ‘J. Cole Type Beats.’ The first beat he found just so happened to be Bvtman’s and Cole immediately locked in.

As a show of his gratitude, Cole decided against vaulting the song or releasing it on his own. Instead, he granted the aspiring producer permission to release the song to the world. Bvtman expressed how much the gesture meant to him and showed love to the Dreamville camp.

The smooth beat from Bvtman that Cole ended up using was not wasted. The 37-year old shared how much of a challenge it’s been to keep the hunger he had when he was coming up now that he is rich and successful. He also admits that he’s been procrastinating on finishing his new album. Although the song has only been out for 19 hours, it has already gotten over 904,000 views. It’s not exactly sure if the song will be used for a future project or if it’s a one off for Cole. Either way, it’s the first music we’ve heard from him since his contributions on Dreamville’s D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape and for that, we’re thankful. Check out the new track here!

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